Camber Marketing Group Reviews

Kind words from our happy customers.

Phoenix, AZ

“I’m filling and closing roughly 60-70% of my pipeline any given month with Camber. They continuously deliver qualified leads!”

Boston, MA

“Our company sent out three 5,000 unit mailings with Camber and we have 19 loans in process”

Chicago, IL

“Camber Marketing Group mailed 5,000 letters for me last month and I closed 6 loans and grossed over $35,000 in revenue”

Naples, FL

“After just 1 day of responses, I already have 4 apps in progress. This is much better than I expected”

St. Louis, MO

“We made the switch to Camber and our phones have been ringing off the hook with high quality leads. We are happy customers”

Trenton, NJ

“They said to anticipate a response of 1%, I was blown away when we got over 2%”

Nashville, TN

“I wish I had found Camber years ago. I have never had this many calls in my career! Over 50 high quality calls this campaign alone.”

San Antonio, TX

“Having more leads than we know what to do with is a good problem to have”

San Diego, CA

“We were getting a 0.2% response rate using a local company. Now mailing with Camber we are getting over a 1% response rate”

Denver, CO

“My account manager advised me in the best practices for my purchase campaign which was wildly successful, we closed 6 loans!”

Silver Spring, MD

“Your program actually works and makes the phone ring off the hook!”

Holbrook, NY

“Our phones starting ringing from our first mailing just two weeks ago and we already have 6 loans that should close”