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The entire mortgage industry can agree – 2020 was one of the most successful years in history for those offering mortgage products and services.  Loan officers used the historic low rates to help their current clients refinance home mortgages, saving them money and in-turn earning referrals from happy customers. Now, however, with referral bases drying up and experts predicting rising rates in 2021, it’s time for mortgage companies to start thinking about how they will keep the momentum of 2020 going throughout this new year.

When your cost per loan (CPL) has been practically zero for most of the previous year, finding and partnering with the best mortgage marketing and lead generation firm for your company is more important than ever to curb any wasteful marketing spend. Once you find the best marketing partner for your team, inbound marketing becomes a great way to allow your Loan Officers to focus on what they do best – closing loans and maintaining their 2020 momentum, all at the lowest cost per loan in the industry.

This all sounds great, right? But if you’re just now thinking about your marketing plan for 2021– you’re already playing catch up with your competitors. The marketing you do today will generate leads 2 to 6 weeks from now. It will take another 4 to 6 weeks to close those loans. What you do today affects your business 6 to 12 weeks from now. In other words; Don’t wait a moment longer – contact Camber NOW and start receiving the most qualified, targeted leads in the industry.

Connecting with more credit qualified borrowers by simply answering the phone is not only enormously efficient – it can increase your close rate by 50, 100 even 200+ loans a month.