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Most mortgage professionals would rather do just about anything than cold call a mortgage lead list – frankly, we don’t blame them! With the abundance of marketing possibilities available these days & the mortgage industry booming, why would any successful mortgage professional spend time cold calling? Between collecting/purchasing a legitimate lead list, researching leads and deciding what to say and offer each individual – cold calling is a time vampire, sucking away at valuable working hours. Cold calling’s off-putting reputation (no matter the industry) and intrusive manner, have lead us to declare that cold calling homeowners is DEAD.

So, how do you replace cold calling? You find the best avenue to find the warmest leads possible.

Camber Marketing Group has perfected the art of delivering warm leads. Using targeted lead generation, with direct mail as it’s vehicle, is the most powerful and responsive method of consumer solicitation for mortgage and financial products. Not only are we able to target your ideal customer – based on credit score, revolving debt, geography and many other data selects – we also deliver these credit qualified leads directly to your phone system. Your loan officers take the calls and close the deals, AKA, your leads CALL YOU. Yes, you read right, prospects call you when it is a good time for them to talk, which makes it the warmest lead possible. Your potential customer has received and read your offer, is interested and is reach out to discuss details when it is most convenient for them. Not only is this the most effective way to receive powerful, credit qualified leads, it’s the most efficient way to spend your marketing dollars and your time.

Cold calling is a time vampire, sucking away at valuable working hours