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When most of us think of the Millennial Generation, we picture digitally obsessed young adults who are glued to their screens. Most marketers would think the best way to advertise to this generation is via social media and digital inboxes. However, when it comes to marketing to Millennials, targeted marketing using printed postal mail is the way to go!

Millennials respond best to a low-tech marketing approach, as in tangible, “old-fashioned” postal mail. USPS reported that 84% of Millennials take the time to look through their postal mail and that 64% would rather scan for useful information from their mail over email. Millennials are inundated everyday with personal and work emails, blog subscriptions, digital advertising and now suffer from digital fatigue – no wonder that tangible mail pieces would be appealing!

10 Reason Why Millennials Love Direct Mail:

1) 50% of millennials IGNORE digital ads. Yet only 15% reported ignoring direct mail.

2) 90% of millennials believe Direct Mail Marketing is a more reliable form of advertising.

3) 77% of millennials pay attention to Direct Mail Marketing and are more likely to scan their postal mail.

4) Personalized Mail gives them all the positive feels! With 95% of 18-29 year olds reporting they feel good about receiving a personalized message.

The truth is that Millennials respond best to a low-tech marketing approach as they are overwhelmed everyday with digital mail and ads.

87% of Millennials reported they LIKE receiving mail.

5) 75% of millennials believe that direct mail is valuable.

6) 54% are LESS likely to discard mail without reading it compared to 59% of non-millennials.

7) Physical ads triggered activity in the part of the brain that corresponds with value and desirably.

8) Activation in parts of the brain that correspond to motivation response was 20% higher for direct mail.

9) 47% of millennials look forward to checking their mailbox each day.

10) Millennials ENJOY receiving postal mail!! Possibly the most important stat on here! 87% of Millennials reported they like receiving mail.

Direct mail marketing to the Millennial Generation works! The next time you are targeting millennials, follow the low tech approach and rise above the digital noise!

*Source: Still Relevant: A look at how Millennials respond to Direct Mail