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We tend to underestimate the power of the mailbox during the holiday season.

Just think about how many times we raise that red flag to let our mail carrier know a fresh batch of cards is ready for dispatch (or how many times we peek inside the mailbox to see if that check from grandma has arrived).

Direct mail marketing solutions deliver during the holidays because the mailbox is almost as synonymous with the season as the tree – or better yet, a gift with a big bow on top.

There’s no doubt about it: direct mail marketing remains one of the most powerful tools available to mortgage companies and loan officers who are looking to increase their customer base. It’s more personal, more eye-catching, and more immediate, placing a physical message into the hands of potential leads.

Here are just four ways direct mail continues to make mortgage companies merry throughout the season and the New Year Beyond:

  1. Personalization: Just like grandma writes your name above Hallmark’s “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Hannukah” message inside the card, direct mail tailors your advertising message to your recipient. It may seem like a triviality but believe us when we say – it is not.

Leveraging data such as age, gender, income level, marital status, and location – you can identify specific target audiences who are most likely to benefit from your services. Then, by customizing your campaign to address a recipient’s individual needs and interests, you increase the likelihood that prospects will not only respond – but respond positively.

  1. Respect: With direct mail marketing solutions, your customers are empowered to call you – which cannot be understated during the hustle and bustle and blizzard of activity that is the holiday season.

Direct mail is straightforward. It delivers a relevant, clear, and concise message to a targeted audience culled from a database of prospects. And because the message has already been tested on actual consumers, the result is an authentic and responsive connection with consumers.

Most importantly, by extending an invitation to customers to reach out to you, you put the ball in their court. It shows you value their time and want to make things more convenient for them while emphasizing your flexibility and eliminating the aggravation and interruption of cold-calling techniques.

In short, it shows you care more than the other guys.

  1. Cost: Saving a few pennies here and there is always ideal, particularly during the holiday season (and as the year draws to a close). Compared to other forms of advertising, direct mail campaigns are incredibly cost-effective, thanks to minimal design and printing costs. Direct mail is also targeted to certain demographics or geographic areas, which reins in the number of pieces sent out while increasing your ROI. Once created, your compelling message continues to work for you as long as it is relevant, with little to no upkeep whatsoever.
  2. Scalability: It’s simple – as you continue to do more and better business, your mailings can easily be boosted to fit your lenders’ growing needs, while attracting new customers and expanding into new markets. Because direct mail pieces are printed with a return address, recipients can easily contact you with questions or feedback about your offer. This, in turn, allows your loan officers to measure the success of their campaigns more accurately, and determine if any tweaks or adjustments are needed.

The holidays are about making connections. By using customized messages tailored specifically for each customer, your mortgage company has an excellent opportunity to not only reach more people but also build evergreen relationships.

Make no mistake: direct mail marketing is very much alive and well and has become one of the most effective strategies for mortgage companies and loan officers looking to reach new, welcoming leads.

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