direct mail tips
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We recently asked our top strategy and account managers, “What are the most important guidelines for success you give your clients when they are active in an inbound lead campaign?”.

Here are the 5 top direct mail tips from Camber’s expert team to keep your campaigns as successful as possible so you can focus on closing more loans than ever!

  1. Consistency.  The key to an effective and lucrative direct mail campaign for mortgage companies is consistency. Companies who mail on a weekly and monthly basis yield the best results because of the residual activity that comes with direct mail. By employing postal mail for consumer acquisition, an opportunity is created for staggered responses: immediately upon receipt of the letter, the next day, the next week or even 3 months later. Because prospects respond to your offer when it’s most convenient for them, a consistent flow of manageable inbound lead opportunities are created for your LO’s. Many direct mail campaigns have been so effective in their messaging that they will continue to receive calls months later.
  1. Availability.  Staying readily available to answer your inbound lead calls is a crucial part of an active campaign. If a direct mail campaign fails, it’s typically due to the loan officer not picking up their phone as inbound leads roll in.  Aside from a referral, a lead calling you directly, ready to receive information about your offer, is the warmest lead possible. Pick up the phone when it rings, ask the right questions, be prepared to answer questions, follow up in a timely manner, and you WILL close more loans.
  1. Well-Trained Team. The reality is, not every service or product that a direct mail company offers is going to be the right fit for every recipient; but that’s okay if you have a well-trained team. If a mortgage company’s team is not properly trained on how to answer an inbound lead call, there is a high probability your direct mail campaign will not succeed. Learning how to read people over the phone, asking the right questions, and operating as a consultant by offering solutions to help solve their mortgage concerns will expedite conversions over the course of a campaign. Having the right people ready to answer campaign calls makes all of the difference.
  1. Organization.  When leads are flowing in, a system needs to be in place to ensure that each lead is attended to and distributed correctly. A very easy way to lose track of leads from a direct mail campaign is lack of organization. A lot of calls for a small sales team will be exciting but overwhelming at the same time, without an organized tracking system, note-taking, and a follow-up plan, direct mail leads can go from hot-to-cold quickly.
  1. Clear Communication.  Clear communication is a fundamental aspect of your direct mail campaign when speaking with responders and within your company. There needs to be constant communication from all those involved in an inbound lead campaign – from the decision maker who signed off on the campaign to all the loan officers picking up the phones. Circumstances happen throughout each day, planned and unplanned, that will cause disruption of the sales cycle. Having consistent internal communication is crucial to maximizing every opportunity and makes every day in your campaign cycle effective and profitable.

Combining these expert tips with a direct marketing campaign from Camber will lead to you closing more loans than ever before, increasing ROI and building your portfolio.