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There has been a record $1.1 trillion in first lien originations in the second quarter of 2020 alone. These record breaking numbers have tested mortgage professional’s capacities in ways they haven’t seen before, but mortgage professionals everywhere better buckle up, because the future is looking bright….and busy!

Here is why:

  • Data and analytics firm Black Knight found there are over 19 million credit qualified refinance candidates in America
  • These 19 million homeowners represent 43% of all 30-year mortgage holders
  • They have a credit score of 720 or higher
  • And hold at least 20% equity in their homes
  • The entire pool is current on their mortgage payments
  • These 19 million borrowers could save money by reducing their rates by 0.75%

Even with Q2 breaking origination records, there is still a huge pool of eligible borrowers remaining that you can help save significantly by lowering their interest rates.  Many of these homeowners aren’t aware of the potential savings they could access by refinancing their home at a lower rate. Camber can help you reach them with your best rate and offer. With more people staying home and 98% of them checking their mail daily, there is an enormous opportunity to reach these prospects via direct mail marketing. Now is the time to launch your strategy for success in Q4 and beyond!