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2020 brought a lot of new realities into our lives – one of them being ultra-low mortgage rates.

With national mortgage refinancing rates hovering at record lows, many millennials have been taking action to lower their monthly payments and see significant savings long-term. According to the latest *Ellie Mae Millennial Tracker, refinance activity climbed to 45% of all loans closed by millennial borrowers in November 2020, up three percentage points from the month prior, and the highest percentage since May 2020. Their year-over-year, refinance share – the percentage of all loans closed by millennial borrowers during the month that were refinances – increased by 14 percentage points.

Ellie Mae divides millennials into two groups – older millennials (30-40) and younger millennials (21-29). Older millennials refi share reach 52% in November 2020, more than double the share of younger millennials. However, both millennial sub-groups secured historically low average interest rates; 2.97% and 2.94%, respectively.


By December 2020, refinance activity for older millennials jumped to 53%. While younger millennials refi share jumped from 24% in November to 26% in December. With millennial refinance activity continuing to tick up – it’s important now more than ever before for loan officers to reach this eligible group of homeowners, the question is: how?

When most of us think of the millennials, we picture digitally obsessed adults who are glued to their screens. However, millennials surprisingly respond best to a low-tech marketing approach, as in physical, “old-fashioned” postal mail. USPS reported that 84% of Millennials take the time to look through their postal mail and that 64% would rather scan for useful information from their mailbox over email. Not only that, 90% of millennials believe Direct Mail Marketing is a more reliable form of advertising. Check out our article on “10 Reasons Why Millennials Love Direct Mail” to read more interesting stats.

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