Refinance market
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Mortgage rates have hit a record low for the 14th time this year, encouraging even MORE borrowers to seek out lenders and refinance their home loans. Within the refinance market, loans now account for 72% of total mortgage applications, and with refi requests rolling in at nearly double the rate of last year, it’s imperative that lenders spend this time funding loans over actively prospecting. Launching a direct mail campaign fills the prospecting gap so lenders have more time for this influx in applications!

Direct mail, sent to your ideal customers, lets you fill your pipeline with warm inbound leads while focusing on closing the high volume of deals rolling in.

Targeting the right audience based on credit score, geography, LTV, revolving debt and more makes it easy to ensure you’re getting the warmest most qualified leads possible. As rates continue to fall, even more borrowers can save on their monthly payments, including those who refinanced less than a year ago. Now is the time to get your best offer in their hands. Don’t miss this opportunity to take advantage of record-low interest rates and strong demand for home loan lenders.