3 Questions every Loan officer should ask in 2021
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Want to have a great year and become a successful loan officer? Start with asking yourself these 3 questions:

  1. How warm are my leads?

A prospect reaching out to your business seeking information is the warmest lead you can receive. Inbound lead calls give you a competitive edge because your ideal customer is already on the phone!  Now, it is up to you, the Loan Officer, to give an immaculate pitch on why your mortgage company is the top player.

How valuable would it be if your time was spent on pre-qualified inbound lead calls rather than shared internet leads, cold calling, or forcing potential customers to deal with the headache of a live transfer? How many more loans would you close if you simply had to answer the phone?  Now ask yourself, if you received a hundred or more inbound calls a month with minimum effort on your part, would investing in a time-tested marketing strategy be worth it?

  1. I strongly believe in my ability to close, why do I need a Targeted Lead Generation strategy?

“I am strictly referral based”- a line we often hear when speaking to mortgage professionals. Kudos to them; being strictly referral based clearly means they have a large realtor network, which is not easy to create. However, being strictly referral does not mean a mortgage professional is working at full capacity. If brokers want to close the most loans while providing excellent customer service for each client, they must diversify their lead generation strategy.

Targeted Lead Generation, using direct mail as a vehicle, allows loan officers to grow their book of business by closing more loans. Camber Marketing Group provides the most credit qualified, exclusive loan leads in the industry. By implementing one of our tested and proven targeted marketing strategies, delivered via inbound lead call, you too can connect with your ideal, credit-qualified customer who could immediately benefit from a new loan.  All your Loan Officers have to do is take the calls and close the deals.

  1. Am I willing to spend money to make money?

This question might just be the most important of them all – are you willing to take a risk and bet on yourself and your team? The most successful clients we work with do not look at our price tag as a cost, rather, as an investment that can double, triple, and even quadruple their business.

With the right mindset, our mortgage marketing services will help take your mortgage business to the next level.