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29th March 2020

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Camber focuses on what is most important to its clients – driving more mortgage leads that convert into new loans. Our 20+ years of combined expertise has allowed us to remain the number one marketing company for the mortgage and financial industry. Camber uses proven direct mail pieces and exceptional data strategies to not just deliver leads to our clients, but deliver high quality leads that turn into new loans.

We are a collective of experienced marketing, analytical, creative and print experts, but that means little without results. Camber’s goal is aligned with your own – to generate profitable response and maximize your return on investment.

Use our passion to your advantage! Let us prove to you why we are the premier lead generation, data solutions and direct mail marketing company for the mortgage and financial services industry.

What Can We Do
For Your Business?

What Can
We Do
For Your

Close More Loans

Close 5 to 50+ or even more loans with one of our proven direct marketing strategies.

Lower your cost per loan

Our new clients reduce their cost per loan by $500 – $1,000 on average within 30-60 days.


Get notified as soon as your ideal customer enters the market for a mortgage.

Never Lose Another Loan

Know when you’re about to lose a loan to a competitor.


  • What is your typical response rate?

    Most of our clients get between 1% and 2% response on their direct mail campaigns although depending on the strength of your loan officers, some clients need far less for a successful direct mail campaign. There are many factors that can affect response rates like the geography you target, your offer details, the type of direct mail pieces you use, your data list selection criteria and external market factors. Since Camber tracks and measures all direct mail campaigns in real-time, it has insightful knowledge on what is performing best in the marketplace right now. This expertise will help insure you get the best possible results for each direct mail campaign.

  • What is the time frame to get a direct mail campaign started?

    As soon as you call, one of our lead generation experts starts working on your direct mail campaign. Once the details of your order are finalized, typical turnaround time for campaign launch is about a week. That allows time to customize your direct mail piece and send over for approval, approve and obtain your data list, produce your direct mail letter and launch. In some cases, we may be able to rush an order in as little as 24 hours.

  • Do you outsource your print production?

    Camber has its entire production, quality control and printing operation in-house, collocated with all the rest of the team who’s involved in ensuring every direct mail piece goes out with the quality and timeliness standards our clients deserve. While competitors may outsource components of every order, Camber has a cohesive team all under one roof. With production bring the last stop before your message lands in your customer hands, having an in-house quality control team ensures error proof direct mail campaigns!

  • How do I know my competitors aren't mailing the same customers?

    We suppress one client’s data list selection from another in a given period of time to minimize the chance that no two clients are targeting the same person with the same offer.

  • Will the calls be answered by you?

    Response calls are routed directly to the client. Camber Marketing Group provides a complete call interface and tracking system where you can decide how, when and where you want the calls routed. Calls can go to a specific phone number or group of numbers based on geographic routing, call distribution based on time or even a hunt group if there are different numbers you would like your calls to ring between. If calls go unanswered, the caller can leave a voice mail while Camber provides you with call tracking and caller ID notification all in real-time! This allows you to immediately follow up with any missed calls. The higher the percentage of answered calls by your company will directly correlate to a more successful direct mail campaign. Some clients even utilize answering services to ensure 24/7 phone coverage. Camber can facilitate with this.

  • How will I determine which marketing strategy is best for my company?

    Camber will advise you in determining the best data list selection criteria, offer and letter type for your direct mail campaign based on the product and geography you are soliciting to maximize both quantity and quality of response with each marketing campaign.



Contact Camber Marketing Group; the premier lead generation, data solutions and direct marketing company for the mortgage and financial services industry. We would be delighted to answer any inquiry you might have about your mortgage marketing goals.

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