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30th March 2020

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Our Process

Whether you’re looking for a turnkey solution or just one element of a direct marketing campaign, we have the knowledge and insight to enhance your process and maximize your results.

Together, we will determine the best data list criteria for your direct marketing campaigns; based on the product type, geography and offer you’re making, we will select the right letter format and language for your targeted audience. Camber is there with you for every step of the process, our focus is on maximizing both quantity and quality of response to give you the best possible return. No one size fits all – our years of direct marketing and data experience help ensure you target the right people with the right offer at the right time.

Lead Generation

Targeted lead generation, using direct mail as a platform, is the most powerful and responsive method of consumer solicitation.


Camber has already tested and optimized its direct mail campaign offerings so that you can immediately achieve superior results.

Client Engagement

Camber will provide you with a dedicated account manager that will work with you throughout the process.

Strategic Insight

Camber will help you determine the best overall strategy and all elements for your campaign while providing accurate response and conversions expectations.

Call Tracking

Camber will provide you with access to its proprietary call tracking interface that will allow you to monitor campaign results in real-time and provide enhanced analytics.

Responder Profile

Camber will provide you with our exclusive Responder Profile Software so that your loan officers will have prospect information available in real-time.

Results Analysis

Camber will provide you with an ongoing analysis of your campaign performance to enhance your response and conversion to maximize your profitability.

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We’re here to answer any questions you have about a direct mail campaign with Camber Marketing Group. Let’s get started!

Direct Marketing Process