Camber Marketing Group manages its direct mail marketing campaigns with a focus on funded loans for mortgage products and converted deals for other product types. Response rate averages can be misleading. It’s not how many calls you receive – it’s how many loans you close. Camber has already tested and optimized its direct mail marketing campaign offerings so that you can immediately achieve superior results by generating more leads that convert into more profitable loans.

direct mail campaign results

Methods you can trust

Camber Marketing Group’s best practices help ensure that no two clients target the same prospect with the same offer at the same time. We want to maximize your likelihood of success and you can’t do that if both you and your competitors are targeting the same prospect.

We don’t saturate a market. Our success gives us the unique position of being selective about our clients. If we start to have too many clients marketing in a particular part of the country, we limit new clients in those areas.

We focus on bottom line profitability on a campaign and we provide you with unique tools like Responder Profile Software and Inbound Call Analysis to maximize your profit.

Our results speak for themselves. A majority of new clients come to us as referrals from other satisfied clients of Camber. A Camber client yesterday is a Camber client today and even more importantly will be a Camber client tomorrow. There’s a distinct client centric focus with an emphasis on building and sustaining long term relationships.