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When it comes to mortgage lender marketing, Camber focuses on what is most important to its clients – driving more qualified mortgage leads that convert into new loans. Our 200+ years of combined expertise has allowed us to remain the number one direct mail marketing company for the mortgage and financial industry. Camber uses proven direct mail pieces and exceptional data strategies to not just deliver mortgage leads to our clients, but deliver high quality mortgage leads that turn into new loans.

We are a collective of experienced marketing, analytical, creative and print experts, but that means little without results. Camber’s goal is aligned with your own – to generate profitable response and maximize your return on investment.

Use our passion to your advantage! Let us prove to you why we’re the premier mortgage lender marketing company when it comes to lead generation, data solutions and direct mail marketing for the mortgage and financial services industry.


Camber focuses on what is most important to its clients – driving more qualified mortgage leads that convert into new loans. Our 200+ years of combined expertise has allowed us to remain the number one direct mail marketing company for the mortgage and financial industry. Camber uses proven direct mail pieces and exceptional data strategies to not just deliver mortgage leads to our clients, but deliver high quality mortgage leads that turn into new loans.

We are a collective of experienced marketing, analytical, creative and print experts, but that means little without results. Camber’s goal is aligned with your own – to generate profitable response and maximize your return on investment.

Use our passion to your advantage! Let us prove to you why we are the premier lead generation, data solutions and direct mail marketing company for the mortgage and financial services industry.

What We Can Do
For Your Business

What We
Can Do
For Your

Close More Loans

Close 5 to 50+ or even more loans with one of our proven direct marketing strategies.

Lower your cost per loan

Our new clients reduce their cost per loan by $500 – $1,000 on average within 30-60 days.

Target Your Ideal Customer

Get notified as soon as your ideal customer enters the market for a mortgage.

Never Lose Another Loan

Know when you’re about to lose a loan to a competitor.

18:37 09 Feb 24
23:22 21 Jul 23
Tyler Adams with Camber Marketing Group is nothing short of AMAZING! If I could leave 10/10 Stars, I would! Tyler is extremely attentive, and actually cares about his clients' success! My ROI has already been spectacular, and it's been less than 60 days since I signed up! Give this man a promotion! THANK YOU TYLER ADAMS!
16:03 26 Apr 22
Camber marketing is great, Zach Jacobson is the man! They’ve been helping me for over a year now and it has been fantastic.
21:36 14 Apr 22
Rob Spurlock is extremely attentive, responds immediately and is extremely informative. Mortgage Direct has had great success by using Camber Marketing as a tool for us to reach out to homeowners who either need a Reverse Mortgage, or MIP reduction, etc. Rob is sincerely great to work with and we look forward to working with him in the future!
16:48 14 Apr 22
I have spent over 250k marketing with Camber over the last two years for their direct mail. I have seen a great ROI. I like that my rep Aaron Friedland is very responsive. Camber is very quick to make changes when needed. Others marketing companies will take weeks to make changes. That extra time can cost you tens of thousands in the mortgage industry.
16:23 14 Apr 22
I've used Rob and Camber Marketing for 10+ years. While mail marketing has its ebbs and flows of ROI, I've had big success, and ROB has the highest integrity.
23:23 13 Apr 22
We work with a GREAT rep and there are some minor gripes about some of the processes but that comes with every vendor, the client always wants more and things specific to them.
20:36 13 Apr 22
fast turn-around times, great communication
19:12 13 Apr 22
Camber is a very reputable company; I have been working with Zach for some time now for our mortgage marketing campaigns. Zach is super helpful, knowledgeable, and returns all of my calls. Great company!
18:31 13 Apr 22
I have been working with Camber Marketing Group since August of 2020. My Account rep Zach has been an integral part of my success the past two years with his knowledge and expertise. He is always very straightforward and honest about which mail campaigns will perform and which won't. With and challenging market he lets me know which type of marketing campaign is best to pivot to so our company never misses a beat with production. I've reached Zach with questions many times after business hours and is never too busy to address questions or concerns. I can say there are many lead sources out there our office has used but none as consistently and for as long as with Direct Mail Marketing with Camber Marketing Group. Definitely recommend reaching out to them and giving them a try!
13:40 13 Apr 22
I have been working with Aaron and the group from Camber for the past 6 years and it has been a wonderful experience. They are great to work with. Aaron is timely and always responds back to emails.
23:37 12 Apr 22
working with Rob Spulock at Camber Marketing group is awesome, he is very knowledgeable and has been with the company for many years, we have a long standing relationship and I appreciate his expertise.
22:04 12 Apr 22
Camber Marketing does a fantastic job at finding ways to get new clients. They always produce results. I highly recommend them to anyone.
21:18 12 Apr 22
Chris is intuitive, easy to work with and nearly always available to crunch data to consistently improve our marketing efforts with him. Highly recommend.
20:30 12 Apr 22
We couldn't be happier with the success of our first two VA refi campaigns! The mailers stood out extremely well when delivered, and we received an unexpectedly high response rate. Our ROI was upwards of 200%. We highly recommend Camber marketing for direct mail campaigns for our mortgage company.
20:22 12 Apr 22
Camber has always been there to help with our marketing needs. They take the stress and hassle out of marketing and show us ways to keep improving so we can focus on business. Thanks and we'll continue to grow with Camber.
16:56 12 Apr 22
Worked with Rob and his team since before the 08 crash, always attentive, creative and flexible to our constantly changing needs. Awesome company to work with.
20:20 06 Nov 20
14:19 24 Sep 20
I have been doing business with Camber Marketing over 10 years. I deal with Rob Spurlock. Very professional and delivers results at a competitive price.
13:56 01 Sep 20
Rob and his team were extremely helpful and offer a full range of services which were more than we even expected. Leads rolled in as expected and well worth the investment! Highly recommend!
17:17 31 Aug 20
Super great experience with Camber Marketing. Have used them consistently. In my 15+ years experience in the mortgage industry they are by far the best direct mail marketing company I have used. Not easy to find a consistent and reliable partner like Camber in a business filled with many companies who make many false claims and promises.
14:55 31 Aug 20
I have been working with Rob from Camber for years now. Rob is extremely professional, very repsonive and has the ability to mold their product around your specific needs. I would highly recommend working with Rob and Camber if you are looking for a reliable source to increase your sales/revenue.
04:04 31 Aug 20
I have work with Rob on several occasions and he has always been very knowledgeable and assisting me with a game plan that is successful.
14:33 28 Aug 20
Rob has been simply amazing to work with. He has followed through from the original sign up process to each week's marketing plans. I couldn't be happier with the results and the service.
20:01 27 Aug 20
My account rep is always available . Worked with other mailing companies ,but this place works with you to make your advertisements perfect
19:44 27 Aug 20
19:18 27 Aug 20
I've been working with Camber Marketing for about 2 years now. They are a great asset for our company and have been one of our most consistent and valuable partners in our business.Would highly recommend using Camber's services.
19:16 27 Aug 20
16:09 27 Aug 20
When originally contacted by Camber I was skeptical, as I was buying leads and doing SEO marketing and even PPC campaigns, I had done mailers before and my opinion of them was not so good and very expensive, however I decided to not be a Dinosaur and give it a shot again.All I can say is that today it is my mane form of lead generation and if you do try it you had better be ready and available when the mail is delivered because your phone is going to ring Guaranteed.
22:20 26 Aug 20
I had done three mailings for reverse mortgage to reverse mortgage.We did get a decent amount of business and paid for mailing many times over. not a bad way to bring in extra income. nice the customers call us.
16:32 26 Aug 20
Been working with Rob Spurlock at Camber on and off for years. He always gets my phone to ring. Great service and great results.
14:20 19 Aug 20
I have been using this company for over 6 years now. Very professional and leads have been great. I highly recommend.
15:30 18 Aug 20
15:09 18 Aug 20
Camber marketing has made a positive impact on my business model. Rob and his team are super responsive and do a great job with the data models.
15:06 18 Aug 20
you get what you pay for, and that is not to common in the arena. Rob specifically has been A+ in all areas
14:42 18 Aug 20
Its been great working with Camber they have always been very responsive and have really helped us grow our business. Rob S is our account manager and does an excellent job. We consider Camber a valuable partner and part of our team.
14:11 18 Aug 20
Had record response to our marketing pieces and our sales increases every month with Camber!!!
23:40 17 Aug 20
I have been working with Camber Marketing for a few years now and I have to say they have been great so far. My rep Aaron has always been very responsive and helpful in the campaigns we have setup together. They have great knowledge of the industries they serve and have always provided sound suggestions for getting the most out of my campaigns, I wouldn't hesitate recommending them to anyone!
17:55 11 Aug 20
I have been working with Aaron at Camber for a long time now for my team's marketing needs. He is incredibly responsive, professional, and gets the job done. I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their business' marketing with direct mail.
13:18 29 Jul 20
We've used Camber Marketing for our refinance mailers, and have steadily increased the amount we've invested them since beginning our relationship. Our rep, Aaron Friedland, has always been very responsive, advised on what would work best, and given us a great return on our marketing dollars. I'd highly recommend them!
14:41 27 Jul 20
It's been a pleasure to work with Zach and the Camber Marketing team. Zach has been very responsive and provided updates at every step of the process. He laid out a detail plan of attack for the mailers our company ran. We also provided stats and updates during the incoming calls. Great service and great ROI. Would highly recommend.
22:43 23 Jul 20
We have been using Camber for a few years with great success! Their customer service and follow up is superb. I would recommend them for any marketing campaigns!
14:02 30 Sep 19
I have used Camber Marketing Group for multiple mail drops and can honestly say my phone has been constantly ringing and through this marketing I have increased my sales revenue tremendously. It has been a positive experience working with Matt and the marketing team and I will continue to use their services for my marketing needs. Thanks
02:18 18 Sep 19
00:00 10 Aug 19
Kaitlyn and Debra were amazing they were so friendly and helpful answering all of my questions.
13:33 08 Aug 19
Great customer service, and it appears to be a good use of marketing dollars. They are very responsive and knowledgeable as well.
21:27 07 Aug 19
I've been working with Camber Marketing for a few years. Specifically, Rob Spurlock. Great service and measured results!
03:03 07 Aug 19
I have worked with a handful of mailer companies and Camber by far surpasses all of them. I have been working with them for years now and our business continues to increase yearly, at times without increasing our budget. It’s not everyday you get an account rep and the option to speak with the owners daily. I have been in the mortgage industry for decades and I can honestly say that Elsie is the most professional, dedicated and caring sales rep I have ever had the joy of working with. She makes work fun with her magnetic personality and always goes above and beyond in every aspect of her role. I will always recommend Camber and we will never cease our relationship for a competitor. Everyone is phenomenal, the pricing is on point and the service is to be respected and admired. If you want to grow your business and have a full team behind you to help along the way, hire Camber, I promise you won’t be disappointed. We love you Elise and appreciate all of you!
17:34 06 Aug 19
Very responsive team. Always had leads sent over to us before mail hit. Picked up a large amount of business from our mailers
17:01 26 Jun 19
Camber has been an integral part of my marketing strategy for a year now and I can't be happier! They've been so helpful with suggestions and tips for implementing a sound marketing strategy depending on market conditions.
21:56 06 Mar 19
I’ve been using Camber Marketing Group exclusively for years now and have experienced nothing but great returns on my investment! My account rep always takes the time to advise on best practices and worked diligently to help us develop our marketing and data strategy. Our phones are always ringing off the hook as Camber continues to deliver qualified inbound leads with each campaign. It has truly been a wonderful experience working with Camber, I highly recommend!
22:49 02 Mar 19
I have used Camber Marketing Group for over 6 years. I highly recommend them. Chris, our account rep, has made it a point to take his time to adjust our strategy to whatever market we were experiencing. Other marketing companies we have worked with over the years have taken little time to adjust to our needs.
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  • What is your typical response rate?

    Many of our clients get between 0.5% and 1% response on their mortgage marketing campaigns. Although depending on the strength of your employees, the targeting criteria and the offer being made, clients more often than not need far less response for a successful campaign. Our goal is for every lead to convert so your employees spend their time more effectively closing deals and growing your business. Excess response that doesn’t convert is wasting your time and money.

    There are many factors that can affect response rates like geography, your offer details, the type of direct mail pieces you use, your data targeting criteria and external market factors. Since Camber tracks and measures all direct mail campaigns in real-time, it has insightful knowledge on what is performing best in the marketplace right now. This expertise will help ensure you get the best possible results for each and every mortgage marketing campaign.

  • What is the time frame to get a direct mail campaign started?

    As soon as you call, one of our lead generation experts starts working on your direct mail campaign. Once the details of your order are finalized, typical turnaround time for campaign launch is about a week. That allows time to customize your direct mail offer letters and send for approval, finalize your targeting criteria and compile your data, and produce your campaign to launch. In some cases, we may be able to rush an order in as little as 24 hours.

  • Do you outsource your print production?

    Camber operates its entire production, quality control and printing operations in-house where we’re based in Atlanta, Georgia and embedded with our team who’s involved in ensuring every direct mail piece goes out with the highest quality and timeliness standards. While competitors may outsource components of every order, Camber has a collaborative team all within the same organization. Since production is the last step before your message lands in your customer hands, having an in-house quality control team ensures seamless execution and error free campaigns with best-in-class turnaround times!

  • How do I know my competitors aren't mailing the same customers?

    Our goal is to help ensure no two clients are targeting the same prospect at the same time with the same offer. To help accomplish this, we employ cross-client suppression logic over a given period of time to minimize the chance that no two clients are targeting the same person with similar offers. This helps avoid conflicts of interest while maximizing client results.

  • Will the calls be answered by you?

    Response calls are routed directly to the client. Camber Marketing Group provides each client a comprehensive online call interface and tracking system where you can decide how, when and where you want the calls routed. Calls can go to a specific phone number or group of numbers based on geographic routing, call distribution based on time or even hunt groups if there are different numbers you would like your calls to ring between. If calls go unanswered, the caller can leave a voice mail while Camber provides you with call tracking and caller ID notification all in real-time! This allows you to immediately follow up with any missed opportunities. The higher the percentage of answered calls by your company directly correlates to a more successful direct mail campaign. Some clients even utilize answering services to ensure 24/7 phone coverage. Camber can help facilitate with this.

  • How will I determine which mortgage marketing strategy is best for my company?

    Camber will advise you in determining the best data targeting criteria, offer and letter type for your direct mail campaign based on the product and geography you are soliciting to maximize response conversion and your return on investment (ROI). We always focus on quality with each campaign but recognize there’s often a necessary element of minimum quantity needed to create a certain level of energy within your sales team. It takes careful balancing and Camber helps you navigate through this.


    We assign custom phone numbers for each campaign segment and then route them directly to any phone number(s) you would like. We do this to track and analyze the performance of each segment so we can identify any issues early on and make continual improvements for campaigns moving forward. Without tracking, we’d literally be flying blind.

  • How long does it take from the mail date before calls start coming in?

    First class postage typically starts to deliver in 2 to 3 business days. Standard postage typically starts to deliver in 5 to 7 business days. We coordinate your mail dates to ensure optimal response timeframes. 50% to 60% of your response often comes in within 7 days of your first call. The remaining response calls then trickle in over the next 2 to 3 weeks.


    Camber provides best-in-class, multi-bureau credit data solutions from all 3 major credit bureaus including Equifax, Trans Union and Experian. We also offer non-credit data solutions from the most reputable industry sources giving you unparalleled access to the largest and most accurate consumer databases currently available.

    Credit data allows you to be more targeted with your data list selection criteria. For example, credit score, revolving debt, delinquencies, and mortgage inquiries can all be screened when utilizing credit data. Credit data costs more than public record data; however, you’ll often save money in the long run by not marketing to prospects who don’t meet your exact credit qualification criteria.

    Public record data works great with certain strategies such as FHA and VA streamlines because in these cases, many of your typical credit parameters may not be necessary. Public record data also allows you to target a much larger population and avoid potentially restrictive uses associated with credit data.

  • Can I see a sample letter?

    Yes, we will gladly send over sample letters but not until you’re ready to move forward with a campaign. Tight control over the distribution of our creative content helps ensure and maintain the highest level of results for our client base. If we were to freely distribute such an important component to each campaign, we’d be introducing avoidable copycat risks and potentially diluting the effectiveness of these offers. Additionally our team has created over a thousand letters and it’s no easy task to pick just one to show you a representative sample. We work diligently to monitor real-time results to ensure you’re using the most effective, proven letter strategies for your campaign.

  • Is right now a good time to mail?

    Yes, it’s always a great time to mail! No other source of marketing generates as predictable and scalable a source of leads for your business to grow. Rather than wait for an ideal market, the current market conditions simply determine which strategies we utilize to ensure optimal campaign performance. Camber is here to guide you through any market uncertainties so you can continue to maximize your ROI and count on a predictable, sustainable and repeatable source for the highest quality leads in the industry.


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